7.Admission Guidance

Name:Japan Titanium Society
Address:1-5-13 Uchi-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, ZIP 101-0047, Japan
Phone: 081-3-3295-5958
Fax: 081-3-3293-6187

Regular Member Associate Member
Regular Member is the company who has an interest in production technology, trading, environment, R & D, and collection of information and has the capability to promote joint activities with related organizations as well as agree with the purpose of the society.

1. Main activities of regular member

  • Positive participation in society activities and propose to develop titanium business.
  • Develop the future demand
  • Collect more detailed statistics documents
  • Collect information on titanium
  • Develop and improve of titanium related technology
  • Expand the publicity of titanium
  • Promote and develop titanium
  • Communicate with related organizations in Japan and abroad

2. The privileges of regular members

  • Can make proposals on the policies of JTS and participate in committees, obtain the most current information on titanium
  • The same as associate members as shown in the right side.

3. Necessary documents for admission

  • Application for admission as regular member
  • Application for registration as regular member
  • A letter of recommendation by a regular member

4. Membership Fee

  • 45,000-300,000 yen per month
    (excluding tax)
Recently, the titanium market is expanding into non-military areas especially in industrial usage and civilian consumption. Future is promising and considering this tendency, the society has established "Society members sub-committee" as a new group by society members.
An associate member will receive valuable information, and communicate with other business areas. It will be helpful for new business opportunities.
1. Main activities for an associate member

  • Associate members' meetings and seminars (bi-annual, in February and in July)
    for development of new products and new business development
  • Group activities for new market development
    No. 1 W. G. (Hot spa & fishery)
    No. 2 W. G. (Waste gas & water)
    No. 3 W. G. (Water service)

  • Others
2. The privileges of associate members

  • Participation in study meetings and W.G. activities listed above
  • Free subscription to "Titanium Japan"
  • Special discount on advertisement charges in "Titanium Japan"
  • Special discount for the documents issued by the society
  • Guidance on the meetings held by the society
    (Inspection tour, technical training course)
  • PR on each member's business such as insertion on the "Buyer's Guide"
3. Necessary documents for admission

  • Application for admission as associate member
  • Application for registration as associate member
  • A letter of recommendation by a regular member
4. Membership Fee

  • 10,000 yen per month (excluding tax)

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