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Questions about titanium that may have been puzzling you are answered below.

Some people feel that the purer the titanium used in a golf club head, the higher the quality of the club itself. Is this true?
No! Different from gold or platinum, the quality of titanium is not indicated by its purity. Titanium alloys usually contain other metals such as aluminium and vanadium. Although the purity of titanium in these alloys seems to be reduced because of these metals, these elements are not impurities but additives that are intentionally added to enhance the properties of titanium.

What does titanium alloy mean?
A titanium alloy is a titanium-based material to which a certain amount of other metals is added to bring the properties of titanium to a maximum. The reason why titanium alloys have a higher strength than stainless steels is that metals such as aluminium and vanadium add strength to titanium. Titanium alloys can be compared to Popeye (titanium) who has just eaten spinach (other metals).

Can any material which contains titanium be called 'titanium material', even when the titanium content is very small?
No! Such a material cannot be called 'titanium material'. For a material to be called 'titanium' or 'titanium alloy material', the titanium content in the material must be more than half of the total. Some types of stainless steel and duralumin (aluminium alloy) only contain a very limited amount of titanium, so these materials are not called 'titanium alloys'.

What kind of material will come after titanium for golf club heads in the future?
It is very difficult to predict the material for the next generation of golf club heads. Frankly speaking, however, we believe that the material to come after titanium will still be titanium. Titanium has so far been employed as a material for golf club heads, largely due to the high potential of its properties and its high-grade image-or its good 'birth'. As for tomorrow's material, however, 'birth' is good, but 'breeding' is better. Titanium has an unlimited potential as the most suitable material for golf club heads, because more excellent titanium alloys will surely be developed - or 'bred'.
We, i.e. the entire titanium industry, consider that it is our mission to give birth to and breed new titanium materials that will be favoured by all golfers in the world.

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